Thursday, April 3, 2014

European Train Travel

Our travel plans for the next month revolve around our wonderful wedding gift from my in-laws: A Global train pass. This is a pass available to non-European citizens and is offered from 10 days to two months with unlimited train travel fully included.

This afternoon is our first trial of the train system and as we stand wide-eyed, staring at the departure ticker in the center of the enormous Rome Termini Train Station, I can't help but wonder if we may have bitten off a tad more than we can chew!

Fortunately, I soon discover my worry is unfounded as our trip to Venice has started off oh-so-smoothly!

So far, train travel is significantly more convenient than travel via airplane. One can simply arrive at the station 10 minutes prior to departure, heave your luggage aboard your assigned train car, locate your seat number and settle in for the ride. (*I do advise making reservations as the trains fill up and though they'll still sell you a ticket, you may be standing the duration of even a 3 hour trip!) No need to check in at the counter, or even go through the ever-agonizing security check -a questionable practice in my Americanized opinion, but a delightfully convenient one!

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