Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oltriel Reale (Beyond the Real). Art in Venice, Italy.

Exiting the Doges Palace this afternoon, we stumble upon an exhibition that captures our attention. Situated in the Foscari Loggia, overlooking the Square of St. Mark’s and the Veneto Lagoon, the collection of works crafted by Italian artist Carlo Guarienti is innovative and absolutely alluring.

Guarienti, now 90 years old, delves into mixed media like no other artist I have seen. Expressive and vibrant, his unconventional spirit spews forth from not only his animated sculpture, but from his paintings as well. 

While he practices the tried and true practices of Lost Wax casting, he combines these traditional elements with twists of combusted papier-mache and turns of polystyrene resin soaked surfaces.

Emotionally evoking and ascetically lovely, these beautifully painted and uniquely textured works are like no others. Only in a city such as Venice will one stumble, blindly, upon such a treasure.

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